Display Layout Questions?






Q We would like to have your layout attend our fundraising event How much will it cost?


A The GVGRC does not charge for attending fundraising events, a suggested donation to the club is $150.00 per day (non profit organizations) This helps offset the cost of maintenance, insurance and transportation.


Q We are a business or commercial entity can you attend our venue or event?


A Yes. The GVGRC will just attend just about any event or venue, Please contact the GVGRC for more information.


Q How big a draw is the layout?


A The GVGRC Display and Demonstration Layout has been a huge hit at every venue we have attended, and we have found people tend to linger longer at the event. We also often see people calling their friends to come to the event and view the layout.


Q How large is the layout, and what are your requirments?


A The layout at its maximun is 40' X 25', and at its minimum is 32 X 25. Space is also required for a 3 foot safety area around the layout. The basics are Access before the event, Power and Parking. As each venue is different please contact our Sectional Team Leader.

Q Can children play with the trains?


A The scale models that are run on the layout are owned by club members not by the GVGRC. Some of our members have setup special trains that they will allow the children to run.




The GVGRC Display & Demonstration Layout


Our Display and Demonstration Layout (Sectional Layout) is just one of the tools the Greater Vancouver Garden Railway Club uses to promote the hobby. Our selectional layout is fully self contained and can visit most events, In addition to promoting the hobby it also gets the GVGRC out in the public eye. "Our members are very proud of their trains and like to show them off".


The Display and Demonstration Layout always brings in a crowd wherever it attends. We have assisted heritage societies including London Farm (Richmond BC) and Stewart Farm (Surrey BC) in their event days as well as the Surrey Museum.


The Display and Demonstration Layout has also been present at public venues put on by local businesses.


If you would like the Display and Demonstration Layout to attend your venue contact the GVGRC.



Display & Demonstration Layout at some of the events we attended.




To view a photo gallery of our layout click HERE




For More information Contact the GVGRC from our contact page