Our Members Public Galleries. Here are just a few of our members layouts. (not in any order) Click the images to see that members gallery.


Please note some of the Galleries are quite large (Slow Loading).

Chris & Tracey Read The Reads have a yearly (open to the public) Christmas display during the month of December. Here is 2008 plus a few others

Tom & Judy Briggs

The Beaver Cove Railway. In this photo shoot we focus on the details, This railroad is for the young and old alike. Here are just some of the remarkable details.

John & Linda Shortreid

The Shortreid R&R. John and Linda Shortreid have taken gardening and railroading and created a wonderful relaxing

space. The layout has many unique features, we hope you enjoy the visit.





The G.V.G.R.C. Sectional and Outdoor layouts.


We hope you enjoy our layouts. Our members have put a lot of time and effort into them over the years and it always seems there is more to do.

G.V.G.R.C Outdoor Layout................
G.V.G.R.C Sectional Layout Setup...............
G.V.G.R.C Sectional Layout at Stewart Farm..............
G.V.G.R.C Sectional Layout at Surrey Musuem.............
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The W & I Railroad  

The Grundmanns have created a very special place. With attention to detail and a unique European flair. From the real glass in the buildings to the scratch built rolling stock. Enjoy the tour