What is the differance between Scale & Gauge?

SCALE: Describes the size of a model compared to the real thing. For example, "G" scale (on average) is 1:29 (1 to 29; 1/29 of life size; you'd need 29 of an item strung end-to-end to be the same length as the real thing)


GAUGE Refers to the distance between the rails.

The rails on life-sized track are 4' 8-1/2" (56.5") inches apart (measuring the inside edges). Narrow gauge track has the rails closer than that- 36", 24"; many variations of narrow gauge exist.

What are the scales in Large Scale Model Railroading?

Large scale can range from 1:32 to 1:20.3, with 1:29. the most popular. All large scale trains use the same track gauge.

How is Large Scale powered and is there any sort of remote control?

Power: Most large scale engines use track power, which can be converted to battery power. The other form of power is live steam (fire & water) to create steam to drive the engine.

Remote Control: In a nutshell there is DCC (digital command & control) and RC (radio control). RC can either control the engine itself or the track. There are advantages and disavantages to both types

Can you run live steam and track power at the same time?

Some live steam can be run at the same time as the track is live providing the wheels are insulated. As a general rule it's not something that is recommended for a beginner.


That question is asked the most.
G Scale is a scale for model railroads and because of its size and durability is most often used outdoors in the garden, although many modelers have indoor layouts. It is not uncommon for people to start out with a circle of track around the Christmas tree, the track eventually being moved to the garden for year round usage.




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