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Greater Vancouver Garden Railway Club
The Club Logo

Early after the formation of the Greater Vancouver Garden Railway Club back in 1994 (See: History), the two original members, Bob McDiarmid and Dan Pantages, set out to design, create, or somehow come up with an idea for the creation of a logo. Remember, there were only two of them, trying to organize all aspects of this new venture, including soliciting members, defining the purpose of the club, and what have you.  But, there was no lack of enthusiasm.

While the first attempt might be viewed as somewhat simplistic today, it was a start, and that worked for several years. Eventually, as more talent joined the club, the subject of improving the basic design was broached.

In 2008, there was much discussion as to what a new logo should entail, after all, it does become our 'identity', and would appear prominently on our web site. Naturally, it had to have a strong connection to our home province; British Columbia. Our members were polled for suggestions.

The current Club logo is a creative composite design by the Club's former WebMaster, Chris Read, after reviewing the many suggestions.

Chris skillfully integrated all critical ideas into the final rendition, using the same original outline of the province, the 2860 Royal Hudson H1e class 4-6-4 steam locomotive, and the club's name stylized in a wreath presentation.

The logo is unique, and is very recognizeable by other model railroaders.

For more information on the Royal Hudson, click on this link.